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Dubois County Delivery . . . delivers to you . . . fast food, store items, and more!     To your door!          Lets work to contain the virus!!

Save time, have groceries, fast food, restaurant meals, hardware, auto parts and many other things delivered to you.

To place an order, call 812-631-9242 to notify a driver and to verify if a driver is available for your delivery. Then text the details of your order from your phone to the same number 812-631-9242 to continue your order. Details should include the place from where the order is to come from, what the order is for, the place to where the delivery goes and the time range in which you would like to receive the delivery. When possible, payment arrangements should be made with the supplier of your order prior to delivery, such as paying with credit card.

At this time, there is not a delivery charge for IGA (myIGA.com) or Walmart pick-ups or basic store items from other stores.  At the time of receiving the delivery, driver will notify you to leave the delivery at your door or at the place you want the delivery. Drivers will be waring masks and practicing social distancing.

There is a charge for fast food, other restaurant food and many other types of deliveries. Delivery cost are 18 cents per minute (10.80 per hour) plus 50 cents per mile plus $1 processing fee. Time and mileage start where the driver is located and may include driver's estimated return trip after delivery is competed. However, your first Dubois county delivery is free! 


Thank you for choosing Dubois County Delivery!

Sorry no deliveries for alcohol, tobacco or vaping poroducts. 

We do not take credit cards at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience


To place a delivery order,
call 812-631-9242 to notify a driver and to verify availability, then text what you want delivered, from where it is delivered from, where it is delivered to, a approximant time range of the delivery plus your name and number. Thank you!